Book Management Controller

DEPARTMENT/TEAM: Supply & Trading

The Book management Controller has several duties including, controlling all the structured products and pricing calendars in each area. The Book management Controller is mainly focused on controlling the current positions, FFPs and contracts that are in place while assisting in the controlling, information gathering and analysis for new contracts. This role would suit someone with previous experience in bunkers and risk management.


  • Monitor reselling positions through calendars
  • Analyse the performance of reselling and physical contracts
  • Participate in the Platts MOC when needed and track the performance of this activity
  • Build and maintain own custom made report to keep track of differentials between underlyings in each contract location
  • Monitor all current contracts that are sold as APF (Alternative price formulas)
  • Post trade management of all FFPs and FPFs (Floating price formulas) contracts to monitor performance.
  • Follow up on sales ranges sold with follow up to reduce the company’s exposure
  • Real deal P&L monitoring
  • Internal discussions to improve all processes and reports in order to minimise errors
  • Promote Derivatives trading and Structured products when possible



  • Business level of English language essential;
  • Confident individual with excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Persuasive and influential by nature, a highly effective negotiator able to ‘think on your feet’
  • High level of ownership and accountability
  • Ability to swiftly express key information to facilitate line manager / Regional Head decision making
  • High level of commercial acumen, able to think analytically and strategically and understand the wider business context
  • Able to work collaboratively as part of a team and towards shared goals but equally able to work independently with a minimal level of supervision
  • Ambitious, self-motivated and demonstrating a willingness to continually develop own knowledge and skills
  • High level of computer literacy including proficiency of MS Office package and able to work with CRM systems
  • Risk management skills, understanding price risk and how to manage it
  • Physical and paper understanding to better manage the potential exposures generated
  • Experience in a Middle office role
  • Knowledge of the Bunker Industry essential


  • Knowledge of other languages is desirable.