Cargo Operations Executive

DEPARTMENT/TEAM: Cargo Operations
LOCATION: Gibraltar

Responsible for Operations related duties for Peninsula’s Gibraltar office, including the continuous monitoring of terminals, and cargo sales and purchases, close coordination with various suppliers, customers, terminals, and inspections companies to support the whole chain of supply and full responsibility for all post-trade activities. You need to be well organised, proactive, and possess excellent communication skills as well as a thorough understanding of the cargo operations process, ideally in Gibraltar.

  • Closely coordinating with counterparties including shipping agents, cargo suppliers/customers, surveyors, and Cargo traders for following the operations properly.
  • Endeavour to provide notice of potential issues to trading teams as well as proactively look for solutions.
  • Ensure local customs procedures are fulfilled.
  • Proactively chase for Cargo documents, invoices, and other relevant documentation from all parties involved in the operation.
  • Advising of port dues, calling costs and other related costs at the point of quoting and following through to ensure correct invoicing.