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Our guiding purpose is to lead the marine energy industry’s transition to a more sustainable future, providing a variety of cleaner energy solutions in a responsible way.

Currently, we offer innovative marine shipping solutions and services to meet complex needs across the globe. By keeping the global fleet moving, we help fuel the economy and improve people’s lives.

Our business principles of quality, service, reliability and accountability underpin our approach to sustainability, the way we do business and our interactions with the communities where we operate.

This is embedded in our strategy, decision-making and ways of working.

We want to be a purposeful marine energy company; trusted by our customers, valued by society and inspiring for all Peninsula employees.

Sustainability is incorporated and measured in the organisation across four key areas: operations, customers, our people and the wider society.

In our operations: by running a safe, responsible and transparent business.

Peninsula is the benchmark for quality. From its products, to services, to governance and compliance, Peninsula ensures the most stringent standards are adhered to.

Peninsula’s control over its supply chain has helped enable both reliable products, services and solutions. By not relying on third parties we are able to provide a higher quality offering across our global network which in turn leads to a more reliable one.

Our conservative business model has always been based on solid risk management principles.

We are committed to protecting the environment and ocean. We produce and deliver marine energy responsibly and have alternative fuel options available to help the industry meet IMO’s ambition to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Image of Windpark im Schwarzwald

For our customers: by helping to lead the marine energy’s transition to a sustainable future.

We provide products, services and innovative solutions that our customers and clients need and want to drive their business and trade forward.

Peninsula’s focus on customer service is unparalleled. It has allowed the business to grow into what it is today.

We are committed to play our part in the global energy transition to provide cleaner energy by transforming and adopting more sustainable products over time.

Image of Wind Turbines in the Ocean

For our people: our greatest asset is our employees, at sea and on land.

The safety and wellbeing of our employees always remains at the forefront of everything we do. We are an Equal Opportunities employer, and our global workforce comprises 40 separate nationalities. We are proud to celebrate the different backgrounds and experiences of our diverse and talented team.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, we implemented enhanced health and safety measures for all our employees, working from home and in the ports as well as onboard our vessels; so as to maintain our commitment to delivering marine fuel in a safe and compliant manner to the world’s fleet.

Image of Turbine Eoliche in Mare

With the seafarer communities and with the wider society: making a positive contribution in times of need.

We aim to be positive role models with seafarer communities and across wider society. We contribute to maritime charities ‘The Mission to Seafarers’, the ‘Jubilee Sailing Trust’ and sponsor young sailors on the annual Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (ARC).

During the Covid-19 pandemic, we donated to food banks to support local communities in need.