Contract Management Analyst/Trader

DEPARTMENT/TEAM: Hedging and Risk Management
LOCATION: Las Palmas

Contract Management Analyst/Trader has several responsibilities including market analysis, business development, trade strategy, and product promotion. The Contract Management is required to create new business opportunities, quote and monitor contracts (fixed and floating), and promote opportunity business to enhance the cooperation with both customers and suppliers.

• Perform technical market analysis for the Book Management team to support the business strategy.
• Liaise with Cargo traders to develop integrated strategies.
• Setup and monitor the daily trading strategy for all bunker contract as well as spot enquiries.
• Manage basis and premium risks in coordination with the supply teams.
• Set up and monitor quoting procedures (validity, volume tolerances, overnight, cancellations, etc).
• Promote and quote term contracts to customers.
• Have a strong understanding of the structured products Peninsula offers and how to market them.

Knowledge, Skills and Experience

• Business level of English language essential.
• Confident individual with excellent verbal and written communication skills.
• Persuasive and influential by nature, a highly effective negotiator able to ‘think on your feet’.
• High level of ownership and accountability.
• Ability to swiftly express key information to facilitate line manager / Regional Head decision making.
• High level of commercial acumen, able to think analytically and strategically and understand the wider business context.
• Able to work collaboratively as part of a team and towards shared goals but equally able to work independently with a minimal level of supervision.
• Ambitious, self-motivated and demonstrating a willingness to continually develop own knowledge and skills.
• High level of computer literacy including proficiency of MS Office package and able to work with CRM systems.

• Knowledge of other languages is desirable