Hedging Desk Europe – Team Leader

DEPARTMENT/TEAM: Hedging and Risk Management

The Hedging Desk Team Leader has several duties including market analysis, business development, and trade strategy. The HD Team Leader is responsible for improving processes and procedures related to hedging, Take responsibility for the hedging desk positions by working closely with the Hedging Desk Controls team, and manage the exposures to be within the set DOA. To track and manage progress all the pending projects that are related to the desk, provide insight with the implementation of the hedging data into the ETRM systems used. This role would suit someone with previous experience in Bunker/Physical Trading and risk management.

• Manage all the price risk in all operations of its area
• Monitor trade and DOA compliance
• Responsible for all position sign offs within the Hedging Desk
• Manage the differentials exposure generated
• Monitor and improve quoting procedures (validity, volume tolerances,
overnight, cancellations…)
• Liaise with the Head of the desk for specific strategies
• Optimize the data flow from the desk to the systems
• Perform fundamental/technical market analysis for the team to support
the business strategy
• Be a point of contact for risk management ambassadors in the area
• Train the sales/supply teams in the area with the basics of risk
• Adhere to all procedures/processes & policies with regard to usage of
Company information systems, including CRM, trading platform, etc.
• Put in place and help improve current procedures
• Be the main point of contact for any project involving the hedging desk
• Progress and finish all open projects
• Help with Aspect integration and other systems

• Business level of English language essential;
• Experience of managing teams
• Confident individual with excellent verbal and written communication skills
• Persuasive and influential by nature, a highly effective negotiator able to ‘think
on your feet’
• High level of ownership and accountability
• Ability to swiftly express key information to facilitate line manager / Regional
Head decision making
• High level of commercial acumen, able to think analytically and strategically
and understand the wider business context
• Able to work collaboratively as part of a team and towards shared goals but
equally able to work independently with a minimal level of supervision
• Ambitious, self-motivated and demonstrating a willingness to continually
develop own knowledge and skills
• High level of computer literacy including proficiency of MS Office package and
able to work with CRM systems
• Risk management skills, understanding price risk and how to manage it
• Physical and paper understanding to better manage the potential exposures

• Knowledge of other languages is desirable