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Drones Maritime is an innovative joint venture between Peninsula and Nexxus-Iberia. The company explores the benefits of drone technology for use within the maritime sector.

Nexxus-Iberia through its investee companies is the leading drone operator and advanced pilot training company in Spain. Their experience in this sector is extensive and they operate in more than 15 countries internationally. Paired with Peninsula’s maritime solutions knowledge, Drones Maritime will create a 360o service offering that will have an incredibly positive impact on safety, time and money for vessel owners and operators.

This is part of the transition of the Peninsula which explores innovative technological partnerships which will continue to develop its quality service to customers. The partnership with Nexxus-Iberia is a statement showcasing that the company is embracing technology and its applications to offer more flexible solutions and diversify its services.

From carrying out physical inspections using HD, thermal and multispectral cameras, to delivering and receiving paperwork and samples from vessels, both companies are exploring ways that drones can help make marine services more efficient. The newly formed Drones Maritime is also exploring how larger drones will be able to deliver supplies, goods and replacement parts up to 200kg in weight whilst the vessel remains in transit thus saving the owner and operator time and money.

Further applications of the technology include safety and security surveillance, marketing content creation, and emergency response and aid. By using drones they are able to minimise, and in some cases, avoid risk to human life. There is also a positive environmental impact by using the technology as Drones Maritime are able to increase their monitoring capabilities, reduce the time a vessel is at port, and reach remote areas for disaster relief efforts.