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Peninsula established a physical supply presence in Panama in 2003, but significantly expanded its operation in 2013 with the addition of over 100,000 cubic metres of storage capacity and the most modern barging fleet in the Canal. Peninsula is now able to blend product to ensure delivery of the highest quality multi-grade fuels.

The Panama team provides 24/7 operational support and logistical excellence whilst experienced traders handle blending and cargo purchasing to ensure that Peninsula’s customers always have product available at competitive prices. Peninsula is now the pre-eminent physical supplier in the Panama Canal and is active in both Balboa and Cristobal.

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Peninsula Petroleum Panama Inc.
P.H. Office One, Calle 58 Obarrio y Calle 50
Floor 13, Suite 1307,
Panama, Panama City

Tel: +1713 850 7728
Fax: +1713 850 7508