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Game, Set and Match

By 23 May 2022June 7th, 2022No Comments

Peninsula recently hosted over 80 customers, suppliers and corporate stakeholders at the #MutuaMadridTennisOpen. Over the 11 day tournament, the electric atmosphere paired with immaculate hospitality made for a very successful VIP experience. Post event we received a flurry of positive feedback from guests including “best trip ever” and “my stay in Madrid was unforgettable”. Events like these are important to further enhance strong stakeholder relationships and highlights the importance of customer centricity.

Taking Peninsula’s participation in tennis a step further, this week we are an official sponsor of the #GonetGenevaTennisOpen. The #ATP250 tournament takes place at the Tennis Club de Genève, a beautiful and historic venue overlooking Lake Geneva. The city is an important commodity and shipping hub. It ‘s the perfect environment for Peninsula to secure additional brand exposure and advertise our energy flowing values, through both the players on-court and our important guests in attendance.

Promoting Peninsula’s strategic pillars has been a constant theme through both events. We have been able to communicate our #sustainability pillar through #environmentally focussed merchandise. Bracenet and a revolutionary photocatalytic umbrella were our sustainable choices.

Bracenet was born due to the fact that millions of marine animals get caught in “ghost nets” every year. Bracenet extracts these fishing nets from the sea using volunteer divers and handcrafts them into bracelets, with all profits going to the removal of plastic nets from the world’s oceans. As the ocean is ‘our office’ we are helping clean it up!

The photocatalytic umbrellas are a project Peninsula has supported alongside Ezpeleta, a Spanish umbrella manufacturing expert. Their partnership with Pureti has created a photocatalytic nanotechnology allowing surfaces to be treated so that they become air purifiers. A square metre of fabric treated with ‘Pureti power’ is equivalent to the decontaminating effects of a tree and lasts for 5 years. In short, Peninsula is putting a tree in your hands!